7 Fun Activities That Cost Little To No Money

Having fun is great but doing so without spending any money or just a little bit of it is even better. After all, that best things in life are free, right? Generally speaking, finding the types of activities that can be classified as both fun and free is not that difficult. If you are having trouble doing so, however, perhaps these examples would be of use to you.


1. Taking A Walk In The Woods

It’s a walk in the woods. It doesn’t cost anything and can lead to some pretty fun and relaxing experiences, especially if you go with a friend. Try not to go as a group bigger than three people, however, and definitely don’t go with strangers.

2. A Dinner Party

Sure, it costs money, but it will cost a lot less if you do potluck. Invite a few friends, neighbours, or co-workers to your house and have them bring their own food. You share, you chat, you have fun at little cost to you.


3. Going To The Park

It’s probably safe to say that there is a local park in your area that you can visit. Once there, lay down a blanket or sit on a bench and just watch people. Something interesting is always bound to happen.

4. Going Camping

It doesn’t need to be that far, but camping is great for a lot of reasons. For one, it’s cheap. For another, you can do it with a group of friends to create excellent memories.

5. Going To The Beach Or The Poolbeach

Choose whichever you want, put on your bathing suit and dive into the water. There’s always something about swimming and getting wet that brings out the silliness in people.

6. Visit Your Local Theater For Open Mic Night

Never been? You should try it. There are some weird and talented people that often get on stage.

7. Join A Fitness Group

This can be anything from a yoga class to a mountain bike troupe. Just make sure that you are going with people who you can actually relate to.

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