The Philosophies Behind Fun, Enjoyment, And Pleasure

When people talk about fun or enjoyment or pleasure, a lot of them tend to use these words interchangeably. However, while they wouldn’t necessarily be wrong, it would be a shame to have a rather shallow approach to these concepts. It’s important to note their differences and the respective philosophies behind them as well since fun, enjoyment, and pleasure are all necessary aspects of life.

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The Distinction Between Fun, Enjoyment And Pleasure

In life, it’s important to have fun, to enjoy, and to take pleasure in things as much as you can. However, these thing can be done separately if you really want to see and feel their distinction. To have fun, for example, is to bring a little spark in one’s life on top of the drab and dull affairs that have become everyday chores.

In contrast, to enjoy something is basically to be in that moment, especially if that moment happens to include something or someone that actually makes you forget about everything else. Finally, to take pleasure in something is simply to appreciate that something even if you don’t necessarily find it particularly fun or enjoyable. That last bit might not make sense right now, but it will.

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What Is Fun?fun

Fun is generally distinct from either enjoyment or pleasure because it is spontaneous and unexpected. You have fun by getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things – visiting the Anne Frank Museum without I Amsterdam Card for instance, going to a new club, traveling to a new city or country, trying out new hobbies. To have fun is to break the monotony of everyday life, which can often revolve around jobs, relationships, and family. All these things might be important, but they can also be terribly trite at some point.

What Is Enjoyment?

To enjoy is basically to immerse yourself in a particular project, which can make it a much deeper experience than simply having fun. It doesn’t even have to be something that anyone else would consider fun or interesting. It just has to be something that captures your imagination and you have decided is worth investing your time and attention on.


What Is Pleasure?

Finally, we have pleasure, which probably covers the broadest concept compared to both fun and enjoyment. To take pleasure in something is simply to appreciate something regardless of what it is. It can either be those simple moments in life that others take for granted or those momentous occasions that move the world forward. It’s this feeling of satisfaction when you look at something, someone, or some events that then causes you to smile.


Why Is It Important To Know The Difference?

So, why is it so important for you to actually know what makes all these things different? Even though it’s just a matter of semantics, knowing when you are having fun, when you are enjoying something, or when you are taking pleasure at any point helps to heighten that experience. Knowing exactly what you are going through and feeling makes it more acute, and thus makes it more memorable.

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  1. Macy says:

    Having fun can be done without really spending a dime. You can enjoy fun activities that promote good interaction with other people in the park, at work and even at home!

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