What Stops You From Having Fun?


Having fun should not be that hard. It’s one of the most fundamental parts of being human. However, if you find that you are not having as much fun as you like, there may be a few things that are holding you back. It’s worth finding out what these are.

Other People’s Impressions

playWithout a doubt, one of the biggest obstacles that stop people from having fun is worrying about what others think of them. You start asking if others think you’re weird or if they truly even want to be around you. This ends up cramping your style and taking away your motivation to take risks and do something new.

Money Matters

Naturally, money is a barrier to a lot of opportunities, fun activities and events being among them. If you are constantly worried that having fun costs money, you’re not going to be too thrilled to do so, are you? There’s also the matter of having budget constraints, which then makes money matters a lot more serious than simply being unwilling to spend.

Excuses In Time

If it’s not money, it’s the time constraints that people use to avoid having some fun. At first, you just tell yourself that you are just far too busy to mess around because of work or due to a hectic lifestyle. If you let it drag on, however, it will simply become the norm and you no longer feel like having fun is a good use of your time.

You Plan Everything

Planning has its place and in other areas in life, it might even be advised. When you’re trying to have fun, however, planning can really get in the way. This is how it is with control freaks most of the time when they just have to lay everything out in order, leaving no room for spontaneity. As a result, activities become rigid and anyone who comes along will feel like they are being suffocated.

Being Picky About Conditions

Sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows, and other times the sun shines bright. These things happen and if you wait too long just for the right conditions, you’ll be waiting a long time.

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